Primary Features

  • Polylastic is pegged to the total EFi market cap (EFM)

  • The EFM is a unique number available through Polylastic

  • Polylastic is, at launch, composed of pre-selected qualifying projects

  • Polylastic will reflect a ratio of this number (to be finalized post-launch)

  • A percentage of TX fees will be returned to the project’s locked liquidity pools

  • Subsequent rewards generated will be distributed to holders

The goal of Polylastic is to serve as one of the most frequently observed and followed indices in the cryptocurrency space, as well as the definitive measure of the overall health of elastic cryptocurrencies.

At launch, the tracked projects will be determined by the Polylastic team. Additional projects may be identified by the team, through governance as well as on an application basis.

As it stands now, a project’s weight is determined by the following components:

  • The project’s total market cap

  • The project’s stake of community delegated POLX tokens in the smart contract

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