Given the elasticity of POLX and the space it occupies, this is an obvious question for those familiar with the sector. Geysers are not without merit but are hardly intuitive and particularly challenging for users. Furthermore, many times geysers are used not because of their utility, but because staking elastic tokens presents a complex set of challenges that have yet to be tackled--until Polylastic. Instead, LP tokens representing liquidity positions staked inside geysers are used as a proxy.

For Polylastic to effectively capture community sentiment through delegated token staking, this isn’t an option. While Liquidity providers are able to participate by staking LP tokens, they do not represent the community as a whole. Increasing gas fees will only skew this further.

Our staking calculations, unlike geysers, accurately reflect the rewards and state them clearly. We believe this will go a long way in gaining support for the project, as well as accurately indexing a given project's community within the context of the broader EFi space.

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