Polylastic: An EFi Aggregator

Polylastic, is a synthetic asset which represents a weighted basket of qualifying EFi tokens that participate in our ecosystem—a procured, collective cap of what best represents the space. The ratio or weight is determined through a proprietary blend of market cap and sentiment; a hybrid, inspired by the quadratic funding model. Quadratic Funding, simply put, utilizes a matching pool for investment that favors community support over total investment. The greater the number of active supporters, not the amount of funding received is the chief metric in determining how much a matching pool will contribute to a given investment. Polylastic will list tokens using a community anchored weighting system to not only reflect community support but also to allow participants to realize the potential upside of projects that may be smaller in cap but strong on sentiment.

To date, there have been myriad elastic token projects which were not earnest in their desire to raise the integrity of these unique assets. Though this exploitative period is largely in the rearview, the Polylastic aggregator must truly be reflective of the growth of the sector. Therefore, we have criteria which must be adhered to in order to gain participation. Additionally, at the time of this write Ampleforth comprises an outsized percentage of the total market cap. As an aggregator targeting a burgeoning space, less mature, speculative assets are to be welcomed.

Polylastic, at its core, is “risk on” where users, aware that EFi projects may or may not blossom as anticipated, are hoping to gain exposure to the space on the whole via the singular POLX token.

Polylastic's aim is to be a “best of breed” aggregator—naturally, this price will fluctuate creating states of disequilibrium that will be reconciled. The business logic of the contract ensures that the expansion and contraction of supply accurately represent the collective market cap of the “indicized” elastic tokens.

Note: At the time of this writing, tokens with adjustable supply tokens include, but will not be limited to, Seigniorage, cash systems, derivatives, DeFi primitives and rebasing projects.

Polylastic will be responsible but will not attempt to ameliorate risk. The intention is to best approximate the actual growth of the sector and our criteria, stringent though it may be, is anything but riskless as protocols must be adhered to in order to gain acceptance. Effectively though, POLX will be a single source provider where users can gain exposure to the existing and growing number of EFi projects.

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