Staking Application

The illustration is representative of the flow and logic. Below are the existing parameters:

Two Pools:

  1. POLX staking pool — 70%of the daily rewards generated

  2. LP staking pool — 30% daily rewards

Daily rewards will be a configurable number and dependent upon the collected tax. Initially, we will distribute X on a daily basis.

  • 0.7 * X for the LPs

  • 0.3 * X for the Polylastic stakers

    • X will represent the daily payouts.

    • Staking will be rewarded daily

    • Only deposits present for the duration (00:00 until 23:59:59), will be eligible

Rewards will be calculated by applying the simple math:

  • $Earnings = (AmountStaked / TotalAmountStaked) * DailyRewardsAmount$

To account for rebasing:

  • Daily rewards will be held in different proxy contract every day

  • Token balances can change, however, earned percentage remain constant

  • Users will have no restrictions on deposits

  • Upon pulling the deposit, users will claim all realized earnings

Again, daily rewards are based upon the tax collected. Naturally, if the tax increases, daily rewards will increase and vice versa.

The initial multiplier computed for rebasing will be:

MULTIPLIER = TSFP / TS per specific project, but then, since LP's stakes and RBI stakes are differently valued, in case of RBI, the final value will be MULTIPLIER_RBI * 0.3 and in case of LP the final value will be MULTIPLIER_LP * 0.7

Given this 2 multipliers, during the computation of rebase target price which should be sum of caps of some projects, will add this multiplier so the final rebase target price will be: projectACap * (MULTIPLIER_LP_A + MULTIPLIER_RBI_A)+ projectBCap * (MULTIPLIER_LP_B + MULTIPLIER_RBI_B)+ ... and then pegged to 1 trilion.

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