Polylastic: The Aggregator of the Future

The Polylastic “big picture” is to curate, track, demystify and represent the world of Elastic Finance through the Polylastic aggregator and its native token, POLX. We will remain firmly above the fray of pure trend chasing as governance functionality and a proprietary staking/voting system will be implemented in order to track the true pulse of this rapidly growing ecosystem. Polylastic is wholly speculative in nature—seeking the very best in seigniorage, bonds, DeFi, cash systems— i.e. any of the growth tokens of this brave new world, wherein systems accrues fees and excess collateral down to the elastic synthetics, perhaps poised to redefine the world of decentralized derivatives. To wit, EFi tokens that are able to demonstrate demand and support via POLX’s “skin in the game” participation in order to warrant inclusion and determine weight. This will be achieved through a first-of-its-kind staking proposition as well as a proprietary tiered-taxation structure. Polylastic offers something new technically in a burgeoning market; attempting to harness the very best of this emergent sector and transitively speaking, realize significant growth for the POLX token.

Before we begin, please be strongly advised that elastics have been classified as experimental for a reason. Experiments can fail and trends rarely graduate to established markets. Elastic tokens may never constitute more than a modest footnote in the annals of crypto history or perhaps be an improved money slated for mass adoption.

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